Tap the screen to start the microphone


We need your permission to access the microphone on your device and use it to collect the sounds from around you and reflect them back in the artwork.

Listen to the sounds around you

Microphone level:level

soundmirror Coastal SoundLab

soundmirror has been designed to allow you to record a ten second audio clip which can then be uploaded into the SoundLab archive and become part of the artwork. Just follow the prompts on the screen and listen to the sounds in your environment. Try out different sounds or different locations; each time the outcome will be different.



Listening to sounds through headphones can be a really great experience! Connect your headphones and press the headphones button in the bottom left of the screen to hear the sounds being detected by the microphone. Do not press this without headphones connected or you will get a lot of feedback through your speakers.


Set the Microphone Level

Sometimes you might need to chnage your microphone levels to get the best results. If your sound recordings are too quiet or too loud then you can adjust the slider at the bottom of the screen.