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Coastal SoundLab reimagines the heritage sites of sound mirrors through sound and technology.

Visiting venues at the sites of three sound mirrors on the North East coast, SoundLab will host a summer of events and workshops that explore our changing coastal landscapes and peoples' relationships to them.

Artist Rob Smith is working with local communities to explore the heritage sites of sound mirrors in Sunderland, Seaham and Hartlepool. There is a a programme of free events and workshops, so follow th elins below to join us for guided sound walks, share stories of local histories, hear the landscape in new ways and record sounds that can contribute to the artwork

SoundLab: Sunderland
Fulwell Windmill 15 - 19 June
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SoundLab: Seaham
ArtBlock Gallery 5-11 August

SoundLab: Hartlepool
Hartlepool Art Gallery 19 - 24 August

SoundLab: Online
Open the online SoundLab to record environmental sounds that contribute to the Soundmirror artwork or just browse the database of recordings that people have generated and view the artwork on your screen.


open online SoundLab